Before you dive in, let’s disconnect from the world..

‘Mind Booster’ is a mini collection of all our Mind music & Mindfulness audios. Instantly play White Noise, Meditation, Motivation, Sleep music on the go. Achieve more focus at work, better sleep, deeper meditative states and boost in mental energy when you need it.Play on the background just like your Music app. 

A growing collection of over 5,240 different Background Music, White Noises, Sleep & Meditation Music, Nature Melodies, Binaural Beats, Healing Sounds, guided meditations, ASMR and so much more..




Guided meditation

Meditation music


White noise

Nature escapes


Focus white noise

Ambient music

Progressive trance

Psy trance

Everyday we curate the web to bring you the most profound consciousness elevating videos that helps you fight through adversity, be more focused on your goals and stay in an elevated state of mind.

Feel energized, motivated and fired up to keep charging towards your goals.

Everyday we curate the web to bring to you new ideas and strategies to help in your personal growth. Discover profound life lessons, cool life hacks, book summaries and insightful interviews that might give you the breakthrough you’re looking for and take your game to the next level.


We’re really passionate about discovering and sharing deep wisdom that helps us find more clarity about ourselves and the world around us. We try and bring you concepts and viewpoints across philosophy, spirituality, metaphysics, science & technology – that might help us open our mind to new ideas that would eventually help us understand more about the unknown dimensions of life. Having a deeper understanding about life helps us become better human beings and potentially a greater contributor to society at large.




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