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NRON is dedicated to dreamers, high achievers and change makers.

Our mission is to help you achieve your material goals using all the mind-power and metaphysical tools available in the world today.

According to many new scientific studies, our outer reality is greatly shaped by the internal reality – something we can consciously control and change. Once we can change our internal reality – the outside changes automatically. Music, Meditations, Motivation, Positive Self talk, Affirmations have proven to be some of the most effective ways to create such a change.

At NRON, we’re scorching the internet to find you the best available Music, Meditations, Motivational, Metaphysical, Mind-power related content so you don’t have to.

Currently, NRON is a collection of over 20,000 Motivational videos & audios , Background Music, White Noises, Sleep & Meditation Music, Nature Melodies, Binaural Beats, Healing Sounds, Guided meditations, affirmations, visualizations, 5000+ documentaries, biographies and Audio books and we’re constantly curating and partnering with more experts and producers around the world.

So, NRON will help you keep feeding your mind with positive vibes to help you overcome the biggest challenges in life and reach your material and spiritual goals faster.


Feeling low on energy? Going through a tough time? Unable to stay focused and energized? Listen to these amazing collection of motivational videos that will help you stay the course and keep that fire in your belly on even through the most challenging times..


It is one of the finest forms of sound source to make you relax, de-stress, concentrate while working or studying. White noise can help you to go deeper in meditation and an effective platform for your sound sleep. It improves mental cognition, promotes greater mind clarity to be able to work, study and relax in a calm state of mind.



Like listening to hip-hop, EDM, Rock, Trap, Lounge music while working? Well, most of your favorite music since 2000-2019 has been curated here. No more hopping around on YouTube and Spotify – simply choose a playlist and get back to working or studying. Checkout the latest Chill out mix and Trance collection. Also you can use our search to look for playlists like ‘Lounge’, ‘Rap’ and more.




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