A Complete Introduction to Psychedelics ~ Science, Origins, and Ayahuasca

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In this ground-breaking original series, experts explore the history and use of psychedelic plants including political ambitions, the perceived shadow side and the proper environment to experience these substances. http://bit.ly/PatchmanPlantMedicine

From the origins of Shamanism to the spiritual expression of modern awakenings, discover the role of sacred medicine as a gateway to expanded consciousness, and its continued influence on humanity. https://spiritsciencecentral.com/ayah…

Today we dive deep into plant medicines and psychedelics with this full feature documentary, comprising a mashup of the first 3 episodes of Gaia’s own original series – Psychedelica. This series goes deep into exploring the shamanic roots and scientific breakthroughs pertaining to plant medicine, as well as explores many of the most common and essential psychedelics that exist in nature today as well. This video will be replacing the previous “Ayahuasca” video we published, but fear not – all of the same information and so much more is present within this special!


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