Taurus Ascendant (Everything you need to know)

The ruler of Taurus ascendant is Venus, who has endowed you with a beautiful appearance and has made you love and seek for harmony, within you and around you.

Taurus Rising Sign: The ascendant in Taurus and its meaning

Life is the means for you to achieve your personal independence, your physical and emotional comforts, to develop good relations with others and to enjoy everything it has to offer you.
You love companionship and are seeking a strong person who will stand by you at difficult moments. You like to protect your private life so that you can keep it yours. You are fairly possessive in your relationships and find it difficult to accept rejection. Even though you are not overly jealous, you think of your partner as your property.
Self-sacrifice and dedication are essential for you to feel secure. Your calm aura is skin deep. In reality, inside of you there hides a ‘nuclear’ bomb. If someone attempts to disagree with you, you become outraged and can forget all the good things they’ve done for you.
Your egotism often gets carried away, destroying the low-key and polite image that others have of you. You soon come back down to earth, however, and try to justify your behaviour.
Financial security for you symbolises success, something to impress your social contacts with, and the means to enjoy a comfortable life, as you like to have a good time.
You focus on a practical and steady set of goals that will bring you money and are not afraid to make risky moves if, in the end, you will be rewarded for your efforts.
At the same time, you are capable of spending lots of money to improve your way of life and have the comforts and luxury you desire.
When, however, you see that your position is being put at risk then you get yourself together and put your money in the bank. You have endurance and can adapt easily to change, but only if you yourself want it. You are very stubborn and no one can influence you or make you change your mind. You have great creative talents in the arts, handicrafts and, especially, DIY.
In general, you are a person who steadily follows your vision and tries to succeed in all your goals.
If you start to feel that things are in a rut, then you step back, relax and laze around until you have recharged your batteries and can enter the fray once more.

Taurus Ascendant Personality Traits

One of the biggest concerns for a person with Ascendant in Taurus, is the need for security and being surrounded by people who will support them in difficult times. Your private life is very important to you and you will do anything it takes to keep it protected from the outside world. Taurus is notorious for his possessiveness and a Taurus Ascendant person is no exception –you certainly want your things to be yours and only yours. On the upside, your loyalty and dedication have no match, once you decide that the person next to you is worth it.

Another characteristic trait of a Taurus rising sign is persistence. Once you have set your eyes on something (or someone), nothing anyone will say or do can change your mind. Underneath the cool (but skin deep) exterior, there lies a volcano ready to erupt, particularly when confronted in a heated argument. If you feel you are being attacked, that polite and low key image disappears and… well, you know what they say about the bull in the china shop…

As far as success goes, that concept is intertwined with financial security for you. You want enough money, not so much to impress your social circle, but mostly to allow yourself to lead a comfortable life and have a good time. So, it’s the practical side of things that matters for the Taurus Ascendant when it comes to money. You’re not afraid to take risks either, if the reward is promising enough. You also like to splatter a bit when it comes to luxurious things you simple have to have. And that’s ok!

There’s a high chance a Taurus Ascendant might also be of artistic nature, particularly good with the arts, or simply very fond of them.

Taurus Ascendant Physical Appearance

Your Taurus Ascendant is ruled by planet Venus, the planet of beauty and harmony. Your physical appearance is likely to reflect those qualities, as you seek beauty and harmony both in what you see in the mirror and for the people and things that surround you. Throughout life, you strive to achieve your personal independence and allow yourself to enjoy all its pleasures –physical and emotional. You tend to develop good relationships with others and like balance in those relationships, as companionship is very important to you. Having a Taurus Ascendant also means that Taurus is in the first House of your astrology chart.

Taurus Ascendant Man

Taurus Ascendant men’s existence basically revolves around sex and material possessions. Their desire to build a life of financial security for themselves and their partner makes them industrious. They tend to be headstrong and opinionated. They make faithful partners and wish to commit to a lifelong relationship, but their expectations of the opposite sex are unrealistically high, so most of their romances end up being short-lived. They want to have sex on a regular basis. They make passionate and romantic lovers, not least because of their acute, highly refined senses.

Taurus Ascendant Woman

Taurus Ascendant women tend to hold back from expressing their feelings. When a Taurus Ascendant woman is mad at her partner, she tries to keep her anger to herself, so unless he’s alert to the changes in her non-verbal behavior, he’ll never know. Taurus Ascendant women don’t jump ship when the going gets tough, but they don’t take kindly to being pressured. If they’re not satisfied with their relationship, they may seek comfort in another man’s arms. They resemble their male counterparts in that they, too, place a high value on material security and look for the perfect partner, but, unlike them, they try to suppress their materialistic desires and are willing to compromise their expectations. They’re often drawn to men whose virtues are not immediately apparent. They are big on art, sex, comfort and cooking.

Celebrities with Taurus ascendant

Famous people with Aries Rising are Michael Schumacher, Melanie Griffith, Liza Minelli, Donatella Versace, Carlos Santana, Dionne Warwick, Claudia Cardinale, Miley Cirus, Elle McPherson, Lana Del Rey, Rita Hayworth, Serena Williams, Sheryl Crow, Dakota Fanning, George Washington, Billy Crystal, Josh Brolin, Linda Blair, Boy George.

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